Kei truck at the Mt Cotton hillclimb

Mid mount Hyabusa powered with no LSD. Not very quick up hill. But the wheelspin was entertaining.


Love it! The gulf paint work is great.

I’d have liked it better if it was “useful”. Four bell mouth/ram pipes come up through the centre of the tray. Looks cool, I guess, but means the little thing is just a curious novelty since it is merely a show piece.

Sometimes it’s cool just to see if it can be done regardless of it’s usefulness. This truck feels like one of those projects. Would I do it: Nope. Do I like that someone else tried it: Yep!
I like the Gulf paintwork as I feel it’s stirring the pot.

It did not really stir the pot. Owned by a member of the Porsche club, I believe “money to burn”. The thing needs to be put to good use and do some deliveries. Would get some excited at car show type things, just did not have the performance to back the wild looks, sigh.

Sorry, I didn’t mean you were stirring the pot, I was suggesting painting it like a Gulf race car was stirring the pot.

All okay. I did not take what you said the wrong way. I thought the Suzuki might have created a lot of interest among spectators and competitors, but it didn’t seem to. I barely heard anyone show much thought about it other than on its first run where it just wheelspun in an unspectacular way (sort of just buzzed the tires a lot) and many thought it was gearbox probs or a slipping clutch. Dean Tighe’s Dallara Judd on the other hand has people stop and look and it captivates all to stand still and watch while it runs.

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