Knuckles for L251 Charade

Anyone know if the steering knuckles and hubs out of a M100/300 Sirion will fit an L251 Charade? Obviously Sirions seem to be a dime a dozen at various wreckers while the supply for Charades has dried up a bit.

Having a quick look at both side by side they appear to be almost identical, but would be good to make sure before I go to the wreckers.

I cant give you 100% accuracy but I think they would I have heard of people using the sirion gtvi knuckles/brakes for an upgrade as the L251 had the solid disc and the Gtvi has thicker vented. Is it just 2 knuckles you need for it? I think I may have a pair of L251 knuckles but I will have to go on a little hunt to get them and check if you are in need. Let me know and I can go hunting. :slight_smile:

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