L2 l5 All wheel drive gearbox

Just a couple of pics from the all wheel drive gearbox and transfer from a l512s.


I would guess that there is a viscous unit in the transfer housing. So full power always to the front and the viscous stopping wind up and limiting some of the “action” to the rear.

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I believe the viscous transfer is fitted to the tail shaft, just aft of the case.

Here I was about a year ago all excited to try a 4WD conversion on my mira after I located and bought a 4WD gearbox; #nothappening; couldn’t locate the driveshaft and backend anyway; and the 660 ratios wouldn’t have worked out for my application

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Ahh, I had a demo drive of a factory Suzuki in the early 90’s with tailshaft-viscous. Was really not a performance thing and had strange handling characteristics when pushed.

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Probably the l512 would be much the same, i still have one in a heart beat though, I love the rally x4 and it’s front wheel drive mate the x2.