L2 rear seatbelts

Hi all wondering if anyone has a set they could sell me
Including shipping to Auckland please
I’m after the whole lot with bolts etc that are road worthy


I have some I will have a look today as the condition of them as they are still in the car. I would probably only want $30 AUD plus shipping. They are for a 4 door so I dont know if that makes a difference but thought it important. I will take some pics also if you like.

A four door is perfect for me
Just let me know how you get on. Cheers dude!

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Thats them out of the car couple of sirty spots but in good nick.
If they are ok please let me know and I can find out what post will be for you.

Thanks for this
But I think we’ve now found something down the road
So I’m going to try that avenue for now
Hope takingthe photos wasn’t an inconvenience

nah they had to come out anyway so pics wasnt too hard