L2 turbo

thankfully I’ve had some motivation to finish this build over the last few months… unfortunately I had to sell it in order to find said motivation! still, always nice seeing a car come together, specially when it has a few little gems that set it apart from the norm :slight_smile:

more to come!


that link only seems to show one picture for me sooooo here’s another https://photos.google.com/u/1/share/AF1QipNiN5a0QnUJ37sT5p1_N5KvVi8FAWYED_ncIeX69C1l9bjz-WjVeUVjbcISY1LEhQ?key=NGxsbHprQTF3QVdyRDZrNGt0UUwxMEpRQWNFS3hn

wow very nice! good work. that steering wheel is soo beautiful.

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