L2 with a smearing of light discomfort - build


Managed to set fire to it somehow haha
Driving home and all of a sudden smoke started pouring out from under the dash… Immediately pulled over turn the car off and took all the fuses out and put them one by one into the car to see what was causing a short. found out it was brakes and drove home quickly…

Inspected the next day and found some wires melted and burnt out coming from the brake switch… Replaced the switch with a spare and all was sweet (after repairing all the dodgy burnt wires).

Turned it on and it didnt seem to run right, Idle went up to 2krpms then down to nothing… Couldnt figure it out… Opened the ecu to find a burnt diode or whatever it is… got a replacement which didnt fix it at all… Gave up and put the dash back in and amazingly it ran find… Still beats me whats wrong with the bloody thing haha But all is swell now

Managed to get the ecu to some adjust ability but will be adapting a different throttle body soon so i have full scale of tuning ability!.. Pumping it full of fuel and pushing 20psi into it doesnt seem all that safe haha… but the bigger camshaft and headgasket seem to be helping alot.

Hopefully soon ill be modifying the front sway bar mounts to move the whole sway bar forward/back in the effort to give more caster adjust ability, aswell as modifying the LCAs brackets and hopefully make them adjustable. Semi slicks are also on the cards!..

Found an old video of the mira in its first stages, ruining it as always haha


The cannards look cool. Bery batman. Very unique! So tough looking with no front bar showing the support


Update on the TPS… So i have adapted an rb20 tps onto the throttle body while still retaining the factory tps.
All i gotta do now is make brackets to hold the rb20 one in place and make a hole in the factory tps cover.
Then I can crack onto tuning this thing properly. need to find an old xp laptop that will connect to the emanage as i have been connecting it to a desktop thru a long usb cable haha…


good stuff man eagerly watching to see how you go with it


red team is a go on tuning!!!
Time to punch in some numbers and see what we can get!!..

Tps mod is a great success having both tps adjustable on their own. Managed to wire in the wideband o2 sensor into the emanage so I can map (tps)vs(rpms)vs(o2). Would be more beneficial to have a boost input but its either boost signal or o2 signal and id rather have o2.
having the ability to record all these readings against each other really does the world a favour.


Wow that is awesome man. That is exactly what i need to do with mine but I will use boost fucntion and use the afr guage in car to monitor fuel ratio’s.


I think this is a better route where emanagement is concerned


You legend bro. Will be watching this quickly to see how you go with the tune… In a perfect world I would love to learn how but don’t have the time and or patience hahaha


Hey blokes!. Not much been doin on the mira apart from ironing out a few bugs with the tuning. So far as I can tell adjusting airpressure readings adjusts timing aswell which puts a dampner on things. I can still adjust fueling rather accurately by changing the airpressure readings to compensate tho been having some (early on boost + leaning out) issues where the boost comes on almost up to 15psi within one RPM cell on the program. Added a new fuel pump and wound fuel pressure up a fair bit and bingo fixed everything. Car pics up and goes hard now! Advancing the cam pully slightly and retarding the timing to 5deg can really feel the 280deg racecam come on hard. Could be tuning this all wrong but its all apart of the learning process.

Aeroflow 325lph fuel pump bolts straight in no modifications needed, Changed all hoses to e85 compatible and now running e85. Does need almost double the amount of fuel as 98 but anything to smell that sweet candy. As it takes more fuel I’ve gotta re tune the whole airflow map again to suit. Not as easy as just bumping up fuel pressure and injector size change in the ecu as I thought it was gonna be. So far its proving difficult and If i cant manage to get the tune "ok’’ ill just go back to regular pump fuel.

White 2door is coming along also, Have front bar, wing and skirts ready for it. Still working on the rims tho will probs run staggered on both cars, Riversides on front and cheviots on rear.


In other news my fully siq body kit is falling to pieces.


good to hear the fuel pumphelped heaps but yeh sounds like e85 may be a bugger to tune remember it has a different ratio than the usual 14.7 afr as the fuel is different but I believe the wideband should give you the correct reading anyway as the default is to read for pump fuel. Hmm maybe research that one I am tired and should be sleeping and may have it backwards.

I like what you are doing with the white one and having it the reverse or the red one :+1:.
Not cool about the body kit :sob:


Mate e85 is good if you tune it right and clean your injectors regularly. Mine on the starlet gum up pretty quick. They get this black chewing gum stuff build up on them and wreck the spray pattern.
I went from 215cc injectors for premium up to 560cc evo injectors and 460lph pump and was running out of fuel at 5500rpm. I dropped 1000cc injectors in and ran a heap better and had fuel right up to 7800rpm. Both on same boost and turbo. Haven’t raced it since the 1000s though. That’s for a 1.5l with e85 and 32psi boost. (Stable at 30psi)
So I went way more than double size but a bit more work to motor too.
Also I ran 1600s on my Silvia with e85 and changed up to 2200s with ps 1000 ecu and made a tonne more power. (525hp atw) I went to a bigger turbo though. That was with gtx3076.
Both needed or could run much more Comp and timing to get rid of the “lag” people say e85 comes with.
Ps: the fuel mileage is HORRIBLE.
I used an app every time I went somewhere unusual to make sure I could get fuel.
If u go to e85 try get the sensor and ecu to run both pump and e85.


Yeah geeze… Im running just 270ccs atm and was hoping that it would be enough… Sounds like it wont be haha… But yeah the fuel mileage is also going to be a huge factor as its going to cost alot more to run e85 and theres only one pump on the complete other side of town at where I live that sells it. Was thinking to push abit more timing and see what it does but I’m not so sure about e85 anymore haha… All depends how fast it feels


Took the whip up to lakeside raceway, had a pretty good time! wasnt racing or anything as i wanted to be able to get back 4hrs home. Seems to be good and reliable on 18-22psi. Still needs good tuning might have to start saving up for a proper ecu/tune. The fueling is perfect across the line except for when boost comes on at low rpm, kinda have to feed it gently then give it the beans… Emanage needs more playing with i think but will have to see what MCM marty does with his ecu… Greddy emanage would be perfect for a nonboosted application i think but doesnt have enough adjustments against parameters. But maybe i havent figured it out yet. I guess time will tell so for now heres some pics from lakeside.
I Have also just got the white mira registered… forgot how much fun NA can be with a loud exhaust


I love this car man! It might be a little ricey for some but I think you nailed it! Definitely a cool daily


Not much been happening, Baught a 4bar map sensor for better tuning, getting so close to have figured out the emanage blue!! I can feel it!!.. Baught a wing off the forums, painted it an installed looks sik.

Pulled some aero mirrors and a sunroof out of a VX commodore and proceeded to install onto the


Top work on this man! I’ve only just joined this forum recently and haven’t came across your thread until now


Been keeping quiet lately as not much has been happening really, apart from getting married, buying a house, you know just life things. Next thing you know there will be little kids running around destroying all reminisce of my lifes work!. Cars have been a minor priority as of late but I’m proud to announce they are coming back into the picture!!!

To begin, The white mira has been abit of a troubled child lately to be honest, first spontaneously chipping valves then It started devouring clutch cables. The main goal for this car was to be reliable and this sort of erratic behaviour is not to be tolerated. Luckily I had a spare head to work with, first replacing all seals and gaskets then mating it to its original 130000km block.

Back to her former glory of running siblings to school and doing the grocery runs seem to be all too easy for it, perhaps its time to bolt a spooly boi to the side and make some chu chu sounds.

Next its time for the true Internet sensation to take the stage. Introducing a new and improved daihatsu mira l200.

Bathed in a beautiful red, this masterpiece sits like the beautiful duchess of my wildest dreams, pleasing to the eye, subtle, captivating, seductive, Wait what!? “SUBTLE”?. Yes those who know my cars also know that my attitude to a build is far from “stealth” by any means, That isn’t to say that I don’t admire those stealth builds, I do think they are masterpieces in their own right! ANYWAY, From the exterior not much has really changed to be honest with you. Actually the only real change is deletion of the front fake canards and addition of some more LOWS! S13 coils were baught and modified to fit the l200 front strut towers.

Cutting the original s13 camber tops allowed me to drill and press the studs into the factory position on the new and improved camber tops. These have made a drastic improvement to the handling in my opinion, however the spring rates are abit too stiff. 8kg springs are ok for s13 standards, but for a car that weighs almost half as much? Not too sure on that one. A set of 4kg springs will do the trick I hope.
In the rear I have purchased some Mitsubishi Colt shocks and modified a pair of Commodore King springs to fit, in future I will find some 6kg springs to fit. I have also trimmed a bit of the bump stops to allow for more low. Form>Function right?
Rear camber pulls into about -4 deg while front camber has been tilted to -5deg. I was running -6 but ran into issues of driveshafts bottoming out which caused immense wheel wobble. This camber allows for almost perfect fitment for these 13x7-6 riversides even with rolled, lipped and slightly pumped fenders all round. #stancenation

Next on the “things that make it work better” list, A alloy radiator was purchased. Mainly for the fact that it had a turbo line bunged straight onto the top tank as before I just had a next of coolant hoses coming off the throttle body lines. Dodgy 23 year old me shuns the dodgy 21 year old me.

After this I was planning and researching, then planning then researching some more on what path to take with a new turbo setup. Nothing wrong with the factory TRXX setup but in the quest for more power, something had to change. First I had a great idea about running a big banana manifold with a GT12 hanging off it, so I rushed myself and purchased both of these items. Lost quite a bit of money and made myself look like a complete tool. So if anyone is looking to purchase said items, hit me up. In the end with a bit of persuasion from some Malaysian inspiration, a hybrid Rhf4 with standard TRXX rear housing was purchased. turning out to be twice as cheap as my GT12 turbo price… Silly me…

With abit of inspration from Derku’s build, A front mount intercooler setup was introduced with a custom made stainless 2" dump pipe. This goes all the way to the gear stick location followed but a highflow cat and braided flexi pipe. Even though it is still internally gated, this thing sounds OFF CHOPS. Partly to do with the big 280deg drag cam of which I also rushed and purchased without much guidance many years ago. Dodgy 23 year old me shuns the dodgy 21 year old me.

The dump comes within 5mm off gearbox and Kframe, and thats with a partially scalloped Kframe.

Ran into some cooling issues which I have had for a while where the radiator fan doesn’t come on when hot. To which Dodgy 21 year old me just wired a simple switch to the rad fan main power wire, but since I’m becoming less dodgy I thought I’d dig deeper and resolve this issue. With friends and family driving the car regularly It was inevitable that it would overhead because someone forgot to switch a fan on. Turns out the Issue was the fan relay, which had corroded contacts and when bench tested it wouldn’t to its typical “relay click”. So just a regular relay was placed instead. Temp gauge reads about half way before the fan comes to life which I think is Ok.

An adaptonic e420c Is currently getting wired in and hopefully we will see some steady boost afrs. Not looking for bulk power but more for reliable power. But secretly hoping for upwards of 70hp with around 14psi with the ed10 block. Maybe e85 but still undecided. The back of my mind is telling me that the clutch is not going to hold up. Test will come once it goes onto a dyno to run up some numbers I guess, but its all apart of the learning curve isn’t it… ?

Apart from Mira things, been doing some driving in my 32, Archerfield is a blast! Would be a great little track to do tiny Dai time trials.

Also been building a project car for my brother on his budget. Its kinda great.
Rb20 s13 with most typical drift modications.

I know its not Dai related but its apart of my life just like the Mira.

Sketched this photo into photoshop for a future tattoo design maybe. One day MAYBE. What do you think?



Cool tattoo idea! Re Archerfield, next time you’re there ask if they do any sprints there or track hire. Always looking for other tracks to try out for our track days.


Terry one of my best mates in his r32.

He’s a bit of a master at motokhana. Same car does khanacross, circuit and hillclimb. Some really good tires and not that modified. Less mod’s more seat time seems to be his moto.

Check out http://www.hsccq.com/index.php/event/hsccq-ct-motorkhana-khanacross1/?eID=86 for out next come and try day (you can ride passenger in the motokhana section and that’s always fun).


very cool. i love the tattoo idea :smiley: i live 5 minutes away from archi, used to go down a fair bit.