L2 with a smearing of light discomfort

Whats cracken blokes! Jake ere! I’ve been modifying an l200 for a while now and would love feedback and criticism!

Tried to post up a full build thread but wouldn’t let me post more then one pic cause I’m a new member haha! will try again once I get used to the forum more!


Hi mate welcome, that looks cool :wink:

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G’day and welcome to the forum, looks good.

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Welcome to the forum, nice looking L200 :heart_eyes:

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welcome mate. Damn I love your mira! You should be able to do a full build thread pretty soon. The requirements are pretty minimal. Its just a security thing that most forums have of some sort. Please do a build thread though I would love to seeit as I absolutley love your car and from facebook I have only really seen snippets as they dissapear so quick.

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Thankyou guys! Ill try to do the build thread soon.

Welcome to the forum man, love this ride!! looks very sweet.

Looking forward to your build thread mate, once you get three responses to your introduction you should not have any further restrictions

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Thats looks sooo good man!