L200 ef-el 660cc, valve stem seals

Hey everyone!!

My topless was neglected for about 4 years before I got it, spent the time and money getting it up to scratch, rego the works… been driving it alot lately to catch the last of the Melbourne summer…

it pours out blue smoke when it heats up and idles for about 2mins… give the throttle a hit or just take off… And the car behind u is in a cloud of blue smoke…

Valve stem seals where to get them…??
Waiting to find some so I can do the timing, water pump and seals all at the same time,
Allied bearing in north QLD have a listing but no reply back with email, will try to call them tomorrow and call their supplier directly…

Any help??
Thank you all!!! :smiley:

Honestly sounds more like rings than the seals if it’s that bad, just a guess

remove the vac line going from the rocker cover to the intake manifold. block the vac port on manifold and put the vac line from rocker to airbox, Should clear up almost instantly. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Why did they even put that line in?

It’s for emissions

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