L200 ef/el ignition timing procedure

i tried searching through the extensive workshop manuals you all have compiled but i can’t seem to find how to get the car to a low idle to set ignition timing properly. i’ve seen a few people mention a four pin diagnosis portal on the firewall but mine is more like twenty pins and i’m not sure where to jump.
i adjusted it to a point by ear where i took it down the street to fill with gas after the engine install but i don’t want to do any real driving until i know it’s set somewhere safe. any help greatly appreciated

pic of my diag terminal attached

you can set the timing by using a timing light and pointing it down through the inspection hole on the gear box. It is below and to the front of the distributor. The timing marks are on the flywheel and and the tab you can see through the hole. If you cant see a hole three could be a chance the original rubber plug is still on it. Most of the time they are long gone.
For idle if your engine is an ef-el then there should be a screw on top of the throttle body and you can adjust it higher or lower there.

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apologies, i dont think i was clear on what i meant.

i know some cars have a procedure for when you adjust timing, for example, my 240sx i have to let the car warm up, shut it off, unplug the harness that goes to the ivac so that idle ‘should’ drop to 800rpm, start it up, adjust from there. i see the carbed version of some of these daihatsu where it calls for you to remove the line to the vaccum advance before adjusting idle and then timing.

i couldnt find anything specific to the efi version of the ef/el, only that it should be 10* at 900rpm. and i saw a couple other posts about a four pin diag terminal, and i know sometimes jumping terminals in those can put engines into a state where it drops idle to adjust properly.

i have a timing light and access to the port that shows the timing marks but right now im idling too high to do a proper reading

If you can drop the idle (once warmed up) with the idle adjuster screw on the throttle body then you will be able to do the timing. No special procedure for timing etc forget about the pins. Some cars don’t even have the terminal and in the 10=years I have been playing with daihatsu’s I have never used one on an ef-el

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perfect, thats what i needed to hear! thanks for your help!

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