L200 EJ-DE swap from ED-10

Hello everyone! New to the forum but not so new to daihatsu in general!

I am the lucky owner of a firetruck red L200 dubbed by the wife as “the red rocket” not sure why tho because my grandmother can run faster than my little L200, but i am trying to get that to change :joy:.

To be honest with you guys i am by no means a car mechanic but i have a good understanding about how a car works. I see this swap as a challenge to myself to see what i am capable of! If i say, show or do anything wrong please correct me because i appreciate all the help i can get.

Current setup:
1993 L201 with a (i believe carburated) ED-10 engine. 5 speed manual gearbox. Technically the car is completely standard.

Aiming for the following setup:
EJ-DE engine, the L200 gearbox and drive train.

I have a wrecked L700 parked in my garden with a good drive train. So that will be the engine donor. Any other parts i need out of it i can grab them because i have the complete car!

Correct me if i am wrong on the following:

As far as i know i can just use the clutch of the L200 (will be installing a new one ofcourse).

The fuel system will need some work. Some people talked about drilling a hole in the fuel rail to make a return line. Does anyone have some clear pictures of that to help me out?

Can i use the L700 fuel pump or should i go with a aftermarket universal pump?
Is it possible to change the fuel tank out for a tank out of a L500 with a ED-20? (Since that has a fuel pump as well)

I have seen some people also change out the gearbox and drivetrain to fit 4x100 wheels and bigger brakes but im not going to send it on a race track and i wanna see if i can pull this swap off myself.

How can i find out if the parts car (L700) has a coded key? I believe its a 1998…

Are there any other things i should worry about or know?

Does anyone have experience with the wiring on it? Im affraid to get started on that to be honest :pensive:


The tank’s filler door is located further to the front than later Daihatsus. I don’t know if this will play a major roll or not. But, if you get the opportunity to do so, I’d compare your present tank to that of a 501 or 601, both fueling the fuel -injected ED-20.
Supposedly, the clutches from both 501/601 are the same for the twin-cam engines.
The wiring is the very least of your problem, given that you will be using most of the harness anyway.
In another forum, it was mentioned that the ignition switch would have to be carried over, because of the anti-theft transponder being paired to its control unit (the one on the far right):


Swap in the L700 control arms, struts and brakes. More info on that here and abouts on the forum. You’ll get bigger brakes, more negative camber and a more rigid setup with a massively more rigid front wheel bearing set up. The caveat is drive shaft lengths need some figuring out.


Good afternoon all. Today was a nice day outside so i decided to take the engine out of the green L700. All in all it took me about 2,5 hours and after a confirmation call with a L700 owner i had the confidence to drop the subframe out of it. Thanks @Blyatsu for helping me out

After getting the engine and gearbox off the subframe i mounted the subframe back under the car so i can roll it around the yard. That immediately gave me my first lesson… Forgot to mount the steeringrod back so now i have to steer it by turning the tyres by hand. Oops…

Luckely its going to the junkyard anyway so i dont really care…


Good Morning guys! Another update for my L200

Yesterday with the help of two mates i got my old ED10 out and put the ED10 gearbox onto the EJ-DE engine! This works as follows:

Take ED10 and box appart. Put ED10 aside because you need parts from it…

Strip EJ-DE back untill you see the crankshaft seal. Install base plate for gearbox off the ED10 on the EJ-DE aswell as the bottom baseplate mount. The EJ-DE mount wont fit on the ED10 baseplate. Install flywheel off the ED10 on the EJ-DE. Install brand new clutch onto the flywheel and install the new clutch bearing into the ED10 gearbox.

After all of these steps you can put the engine and box together!

Then you must swap out the engine mounts. This is plug and play. After that you can instal the whole assembly onto the subframe.

For now the engine and subframe rest in front of the car since i want to wash the engine bay and ofcourse i discovered some rust on the body aswell as a little hole on the subframe unfortunately :pensive: