L200 EJDE Topless $1000 L2D Only Price

totally gutted but thanks to some A**hole neighbour, i have got 4 weeks to sell the Topless :sob::sob::sob:
it has an EJ conversion done already, motor runs, most parts are there to finish. What it does need that i know of is windscreen, front lhs hard brake line, front brake pads and exhaust, i have a pipe for it but only about 60cm or so. because many people have helped me with this for cost special L2D only price is $1000.
car is in Mackay Qld

Sorry, but due to blowing the head gasket just after fixing vacuum leaks the topless is now off the market til after rebuild and rego.

Don’t feel like you have to answer but what allows your neighbour to force you to get rid of your car? If i was in Australia I’d snap this up , but im in the UK and if my neighbor told me i had to get rid of my car they’d get told to stick it where the sun don’t shine

they made noise complaints to the real estate, it was revving up and down 2000-4000ish with only exhaust manifold on, after a couple of complaints the real estate said to get rid of by a certain time, part of my general lease agreement is no unregoed cars on property, have since come to an arrangemant with real estate, and gotten an exhaust :wink:

Ah ok that makes sense then, it’s nothing to do with Australia it’s just your certain company you rent the house off of? Still never heard of such events before in UK, my driveway has seen many a burnout and only one neighbor has complained, but then again they are an arse and they moaned on Facebook about neighbors nocking over there wall when it was them :joy:

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I know this was a while ago, bur did this ever get sold? I’m very interested

Thanks :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow it is a massive thread Necro - apologies - somehow this thread was in the live feed section?!?

no, ended up keeping it and fixing it

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