L200 engine swap

Hi im new and have come for the soul purpose of finding out how to swap my engine and what for. I have a L200 92 Mira with a dead engine and I would love to put a turbo engine in it but I’m not very familiar with daihatsus and would like some advice on what my options are.

People drop in now and then asking exactly as you have. But it’s not like Facebook. The information here does not get lost into history. Much of what you want to know can be found by reading some of the threads.

At this point in time you have spent one minute on the forum. Also you’ve not introduced yourself. I would suggest prior to asking questions that you make an effort to post some pictures of your L200, explain what you use your car for (race, daily ride or to cruise/image/look at me) and once you’ve contributed some (and searched within your topic of interest) then you might ask something more specific than “how do put a whiz band engine in and turbo my L200?”


Good old gormsby is right on the money, do a few searches in the forum and read a few build threads so you get an idea of what conversions are common and what others have done, then once you have an idea of what you want to do ask a few more questions and the guys here will help you out. When you ask a question like what “motor can I put in my car” anything is possible from a 1 litre 4banger to an LS1 but unfortunately nobody can help if you don’t have some direction for the build.