L200 K3-VE swap?

Hey guys
I’ve recently bought bought a L200V dash that been converted to a TR XX.
Car is quite rough.Blown shocks, noisy driveshaft, maybe bad clutch bearing or worst, horrible oil leaks… and so on.
So after driving around for a while water pump started leaking and im defo gonna pull the engine out.
Is it possible to swap a K3VE into L200? How hard is it if possible?

Basically the answer is no

Yes it is possible however it would not be legal any more as you require cutting the drives side rail to fit it and then it is not structurally sound anymore.

So yeah no it’s not possible in Australia

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Warning the following is bound to be offensive if you’ve not read my stuff before or if you get 99% of your car knowledge from Facebook

Once upon a time there were no forums and we used to have tape measures and other tools. We’d even attempt a dummy fit up of the desired matching engine to engine bay. Now with a hyper real world everything should work and somewhere online will be a simple solution.

Okay sarcasm aside. Sure it will work, be a pioneer and go for it. Hmm, might try it myself, I do have two spare shells. I could build a bandsaw with a five for high throat deepth. Mark a line 50mm off center on both (careful to mirror this on the second shell). Cut down the lines, reweld, make custom new glass and fit 2cyl to narrow body and 4cyl to wide body. Or should I have uses the saw to cut one cylinder off the Block?

If you have stayed this far and you do not feel compelled to poke my eyes out or break my fingers I (really going to stop being a smart arse now) can tell you I have figured a very real way of k3 into an L200. I am not joking and there is no cutting things up as above. Not a legal conversion but something I thought would work at the hilkclimb or for track days. Anyone know my simple Solution? Std Daihatsu parts and minor fab only (no cutting them rails and no mid mount).


I am very intrigued :smirk:

That’s a bugger…

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Is it something to do with the gearbox, ie 4/speed shuffle the lot over a little.


Yep, well done. 4 spd gearbox and shuffle all over. Looked at this a little when I helped do the K3VE into the L700 and had the L200 shell and a 4spd sitting there. Didn’t have the time to explore due to time constraints. To heavy though, better off going with a motorcycle engine.


Thanks heaps for the reply and no offense taken lol (Read heaps of your stuff recently)
I like your method of sharing knowledge, give enough information but not every single bit of details. It pushes me to go figure out the rest and actually do some work of my own.

Im defo going to try this, just need money, time and space lol
But for now i’ll just do a bit of a rebuild on the engine and fix the rest of the issues.



Any more updates on this working? I’m keen to know if it’s possible…