L200 mira fuel lines

Hey guys just a quick question, I’m doing an ej-de into L200 conversion and I’ve noticed in a few build threads that because my L200 was the carb one the fuel lines will be too thin and will need to be replaced with thicker ones…

So someone that knows can they tell me what size fuel lines I need to buy to replace the old ones with? If it matters I will eventually be running e85 and the fuel pump I’m planning to run is an e85 compatible Bosch 044…

Thanks guys!

I was suppose to be doing just that on mine this weekend. Yes the return is to small in diameter and the fuel pump carrier and in tnak pump needs either modifiying or swapping over. I like in-tank pumps as they run cool, are simple and keep things tidy. The fuel pump does require some form of in-tank catch-can that the return feeds directly into.

I know I risk preaching to the converted. So here is opinion.

Mine was already EFI, however, I’m doing new lines. In my case I’m using AN6 Raceworks 600 series Alu hard anodised line that are 7.5mm ID and 9.5mm OD (the An sizing works by multiplying the AN number by 1/16th of an inch). Then I have a combination of Speedflow fittings for going onto the hard line and for bends then Raceworks and Earl’s for everything else. The hard ano is good for E85. You can get stainless hard line or you can run braided ones or push lock lines all the way front to rear as other e85 options. I like the hard lines and AN. Used the pushlock series years ago on an offroad race car and scrutineering made us put hose clamps on every connection (stupid but no choice). If I hadn’t already had all the Speedflow and Earls (best brands) I’d have gone for Raceworks 200/220 series AN6 flex lines to the hard ano as they are teflon lined and easy to fit and perfect for E85. I avoid Aeroflow and other Chinese fittings like the plague as I find they fail either to poor material, inaccurate machining or too thin wall thickness. I went all this way because I’m pulling things apart so much and wanted threaded connections everywhere. Previoius to that I’ve always used and found std hard lines, Wurth (3/8" or 10mm) fuel line and either Subaru or Nissan EFI band clamps (because I have so many) to be sufficently reliable.

If you were nearby you could have the old lines I am pulling out.

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Awesome… Best answer ever… So essentially run a line with an ID of a minimum of 7.5mm and I’ll be right… Yeah I agree with you, always had issues with aeroflow stuff in the past, ended up using earls for everything and I never looked back.

As always Gormsby you’ve done well mate… Cheers brother…

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