L200 Strut Tops

looking at replacing the strut tops along with LCA’s and rest of suspension in the topless and wondering is it worth getting the adjustable ones and camber bolts that i see on www.mudah.my or should i stick normal strut tops? car is daily driven on the streets,“might” get to a track day and also do a few drags .

Lower control arm camber bolts are not a thing I would touch with a ten foot pole. They can move, pivot points can end up different side to side, are weak and, as opposed to longer control arms, the std length arms make for a lot of camber change as they move through their radius.

The std strut tops will let the car sit a bit lower with the struts you already have. They area a better option for getting neg camber than camber bolts. Have look through my thread if you are just after another half deg neg and do the cut and shut I did.

The 100pcd conversion uses L700 control arms which are longer than L200 and give easily two degrees negative camber. For the occasional track day that would be enough. Then just add 450lb rear springs and leave front std - you’ll love it. M100 (Sirion) arms are longer and would give four deg or more neg camber. Early Ford Fiesta control arms fit and are longer again. These latter two options would push the wheels outside the guards. L700 arms keep all within the guards.


Would love to do the 4x100 conversion but don’t have the coin as just put new driveshafts in due to cvs getting worse and split boots, so just getting standad L200 lca’s for now :slight_smile: