L200 TRXX black dash

L200 TRXX black dash. Unsure of whether it works as it’s been sitting for a couple of years (Purchased from KCS and the odometer did not work and had to be fixed with sound parts canibalised from a spare dash). Posted to anywhere in Australia $75. Can provide factory plugs to suit for an extra $50 (rarer than the dash and only one set available).

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Put me down for this also if its not sold already. I can fix you up when I come and get the ecu’s or pay however you need.

I wont worry about the plugs :slight_smile:


Done! Item sold.

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Might have to measure up and draw the plugs in cad. Could then print some out. It’s a pain if you don’t have them as they are diff from non trxx

I was just going to follow levi’s guide he has

The physical plugs are different. Not sure it is possible to hard solder the wires directly onto the back. I patched my loom into the TRXX plugs. Levi’s method of attaching to screws will work but be a pain.

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