L201 EF-EL - ECU input voltage

OK, so my goal is to get this new Mira from an older gents place to a mates place down the road (until I sell one of the road bikes, then it’ll make its way past the wife :joy:).
Vehicle has no dash lights. I have 12.4V to and past the EFI/Head fuses and no in cab fuses are cactus. I’ve swapped the relays from blower to starter and vice versa. All I get is 0.2V on pins 13 and 26 going into the ECU, with the ignition on. No dash lights.
Anyone got a wiring diagram or am I missing a key ingredient?

I found the issue - turns out the older gent who owned it had tried to replace the battery but he’d got the poles wrong. The only wire not fused off the battery has burnt through but the heavier duty insulation masked it. No idea what it does but the car appears to need it. I’ve bush mechaniced a wire across to get it on the boil.
Literally drove it on ether down the road to my mates place as the fuel pump doesn’t switch.