L201 Mira Build thread

Here she is! The little L201 that could! i have done a lot to this car but yet she still demands my attention. I have done: Rear main seal, Clutch, All four wheel bearings, New plugs, fresh oil and filter, New C.V’s, all vacuum lines replaced, new brake rotors, brake pads, brake shoes, machined drums, full new custom exhaust.

I want to boost it in the near future, EF-EL head swap, new lick of paint, crack out the sand blaster and sand blast the engine bay and under the car, some coil overs to get her a little lower, replace all the bushes, put a stereo in it that isn’t a house hold amp and speakers through an inverter (struggles of factory base model). i’m sure there are other things i cannot think of that i want to do to this wee thing but pretty much i want to give her a new lease on life.

I will endeavour to post in this thread as she progresses if there is anyone that wants to follow along!



Thats awesome man, looking forward to this build.

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awesome :slight_smile: look forward to it. i myself have a boosted franken and can say it’s been fun building :slight_smile:

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Well i took put the sway bar today and got it cleaned up and painted, the bushes are shot but i am ordering new ones. I have also found another oil leak coming from somewhere, but i will preform diagnostics and find it later tonight. 20171214_135820

So the oil leak i suspect to be a headgasket, the entire firewall side of the block is wet with oil. Is there anything you guys can think of that it might be?

Look at the Rocker Cover Gasket first, don’t want to rip the head off if no need.


I have already replaced the rocker cover gasket but i will pull it off and have a look, i dont think it is though just because there is no oil on the intake manifold or down the side of the head, its only on the block

Pull the cam belt cover off and check it’s not the cam seal. It may be leaking out the side of the camshaft behind the cam gear under the cover and running down the back of the block behind the motor.
Also check driveshaft seals. It may be running onto the universal itself and spraying oil up onto the back of the block
Also check dizzy o ring. It might be running from under the dizzy. This is pretty common in most of my older Toyota jobs.
Also maybe aim for the oil hole when filling up! Haha jokes. :stuck_out_tongue: