L201 valves / head is anyone selling?

L201 valves / head
Hey all, I recently bought a 1990 Mira L201 the 850cc carby version.

on the second day of driving it the timing belt snapped and ive bent vales, I cant seem to track down any valves so I was going to just swap a whole head…but cant find one either

Is anyone selling valves? or know anyone who is ?

Thanks all !

Hi Dave,

I have one. Where are you located? Price will be postage/packaging and some sort of donation to the forum.

Also can you do an intro. Tell us about your car and what you use it for and chuck up a pic or two.



Hey Rob,

Yeah no problem at all sorry i’m quite new here, Ive only had the car a few days. I bought it for a daily and had originally planed on picking it up from ACT but then covid hit again, so I had the car transported up to the port in brissy.

Shes bone stock at the moment, I have got some nice Asahi wheels for her though.

Im located in brissy on the south side

Cheers Isaac!

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Hi Issac,

Great pics. Your L201 looks great in red.

The head is sitting at work - Upper Coomera. Tomorrow after work I’m going out Moggil via Centenary Hwy if that helps with dropping it off. Maybe $10 or so delivery depending on how far off track I head and $20 to the forum? Any other bits you need? (I’ve tossed an awful lot of stuff as space is tight but still have a few bits).


Thanks Rob!

Is it the whole head with valves etc… ? If so I’m more then happy to give the form more then $20.

If you shoot me a PM I can give you a address.

Cheers, Isaac.

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Missing rocker arms and rocker shafts. Whatever extra you think it is worth after you’ve seen it.