L251 basic tidy up

Started with finding a carimage
Time for a clean up

Stereo complete
Coil overs complete
Exhaust complete
Stuck on a pod filter

Next is engine conversion


Looks good! What engine you thinking for the conversion?

I originally bought a wrecked sirion gtvi fo the engine n box etc but lack of time meant it never got done and it went to the scrappers in the end.

I am still wanting to go with a K3 or turbo what’s in it


Do k3s fit the L251? Wonder why more swaps haven’t been done if they do.

P.s. we have a track day coming up in May at Lakeside. You are welcome to come along as a participant (will cost $120 including the clubman licence) or as a spectator (free).

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Looking forward to updates on how this progresses.


Yes the K3 will fit
but it requires a bit of modification and I don’t know enough of the details to really comment.
I believe its a mixture of Sirion GTVI and L251 engine mounts and maybe some slight cutting of the gearbox mount? as I said I don’t know the full details but the L251 does not have the subframe like the M100.


awesome looking L251! curious on how much work it will be to fit a K3 in there. good luck with the project!

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