L251 Brake Upgrade

Hi All

Now that I have this little L251 I look at the brakes and they are so very tiny :rofl: :rofl:

I am wondering what options we have available?
Is this hub the same as the one on a Copen? is it possible to upgrade to Copen discs without changing the hubs? if no will the drive shafts suit a copen hub etc?

Thanks for the advice in advanced :slight_smile:

I have been spoiled with 356mm front 4pot and 297mm rear twin pot brakes on the GR

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sirion/copen etc I think is the go. just so you know how tiny the rear drums are. The drum from an l200 is a direct fit for the L251. so rear pcd change on an l200 is much easier. I actually have some front sirion shocks and springs. I have been meaning to see if the fit but haven’t been bothered yet. They should be fine with maybe the exception of the spring width. If you want lower, then L7 springs and struts would definitely fit as the L251’s are soooooooo tall.

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As Evil said, Copen front and 15" wheels. Sirion for 13" or 14". Then there are the Applause or F2 rear disc options.

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Being as though it would be a car for just normal everyday driving. I think that sirion or copen drums for the rear would be sufficient.

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Thanks for the replies @evilhighway @Mr_Gormsby

Would that be hub and callipers from a copen?

Do the L251 lcas, shafts etc fit? Or is it a swap everything over from a copen?

The L251 LCA’s are different as they are wishbone style.
They have the same setup as L7 or sirion, with how the hub bolts to the LCA with the nut on top…
I have not measured the diameter between the 2, so I think if there is any variance then that would be where it is. I have also not tried L251 in the outer cv in copen or sirion hub/brake. However I am confident they would be the same.
So the short answer is I believe it would be the copen (or sirion, if you cant, find copen) hub and calipers.

Hubs and callipers from a Copen will fit straight onto an M100 Sirion. Should go straight onto an L251.