L251 clutch slipping

Hey guys, my clutch has been playing up for a about a month now slipping between gear changes& going uphills (also lost my good fuel economy by atleast 80-100kms per tank). I’ve loosen my clutch cable adjuster quite a fair bit and still is slipping. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion for this problem.
P.s there isnt a locking nut on there and not sure if there is ment to be or not. Cheers in advance!!

https://m.facebook.com/groups/1628593914111150?view=permalink&id=1704933743143833 video is on fb as i couldn’t upload on here

How many kilometers has it done? Might just be that there is no adjustment left and that the clutch disc has so little material thickness left that it’s not being clamped. If so, the bad news is that the engine and box have to come out and clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing should be replaced. For a little more go at lower speeds have the fly wheel lightened while all of it is apart.

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Hey no idea but it is only. 8 month old clutch so it shouldn’t really play up but cheers for your reply, yeah im driving like a granny kinda hoping it isnt a new clutch overhaul

Any leaks? Just wondering if something has gotten onto the friction material.

With that “loosening”, can you confirm that the clutch fork has free travel and that there is absolutely no load on the clutch cable with the pedal released?

I am not too sure about any leaks, although i just loosened it again, there is about 5/8 pedal play before the clutch enganges. I just drove in the m1 before and as i drove i could smell clutch and fely my clutch slip more and more, i think it needs rrplacing now :’( i kinda wanted it to wait after the track day

You can have play a the pedal and still have the clutch fork without free play. Can you confirm there is play where the cable goes to the lever (clutch fork) that attaches the cable at the gearbox.


If replaced less than a year ago then something was not right with the install. Clutch disc to thin? Throw out bearing height to high and hence constant load on the pressure plate (could be slight bearing noise with that as it would be in constant load).

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