L251 Coilover Recommendations

Hey guys new here , had a quick stumble through the forums and the FB group but couldn’t find a decent answer. I’ve picked up an awesome little nugget L251 and I’m after coilovers I’m looking for recommendations on what goes best should I stick with the Zerone ones , I’ve seen people use L700 coilovers are these a direct fit ? Or is there any other golden combo to use from either other coils for different cars etc ?

Would love to know the car is a street car but I’m keen on nice fitment with 15s


Hey GrayJR, Please make your way over to the new section thread and do a small intro. I have the link below to get you started and pics so you know where your going.
It will help open the forum to you more, It is a web security thing also and we find people usually help out a little more if they know a little about you or your car etc. We love pics btw.

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No worries I’ll get some pics of the little beast and pop them up , also ordered a livetodai sticker on the red bubble from you :slight_smile:

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Depends on how much you want to spend. L250s are raced in Japan, so there are some really good sets of coilovers, including ones from R*SR that start at about $1,300AUD (and go up to $2,500AUD) before shipping. There are also yahoo auction specials that start at $600AUD before shipping.
I am planning out a l251 project myself (haven’t found the right car to base it on yet). But got my coilovers with camber plates, 15 way adjustable, street springs and race springs for about $1000AUD (current exchange rate shows them as closer to $1,100 now), then shipping on top. It hard to know what the shipping cost would be as I had other stuff sent with the coilovers.

Cheers I’ll look into importing a set , but to answer the other half of the question do L700 springs / struts fit the L251 with 0 modifications?

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all i can really can say about that is that: I know of other l251s that have l700 coilovers in them.

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You get what you pay for. I’ve fabricated my own from donor Koni or Bilstein. At a minimum BC Racing coilovers (I’m not familiar with the RCR). BC Racing are not great to deal with as they do not know what their own inventory fit.

Fair enough I’ve had BC golds before in a focus ST and an S13 and they were sweet I only ask about the L700 because I swear I heard they were physically shorter I.e if they fit maybe more low :man_shrugging:

There are Daihatsu BC Racing sets Daihatsu Coilovers – BC Racing Unfortunately when I’ve call them for specifics they don’t seem to know much. I’d say the Copen set would be the shortest.