L251 Engine swap to L500

Hi Guys

Trying to find out what engine is in the L251. Im still trying to source a suitable donor car for my l500. And ive found an L251 I can pick up quite cheap. However all i can find on the ADM L251 is that its a 1 litre EJ. Is it an EJ-DE?

Any ideas what parts are useable from the L251 donor in to the L500?

Thanks in advance

engine and wiring for the engine to make it run.

Hey so youre saying it fits? Do you know if its a ej-de? A bit more research suggests it might be ej-ve any idea how that engine differs from the ej-de? Im hoping it would sit on the same engine mount and bolt up to the l500 gearbox. I would be buying the whole car

we only got the ejde in Australia. Do some research in the forum and you will see many people have fitted ejde in L2 L5 and L6.

The engines are almost the same, only difference is the vvt.