L251 from Sydney


My name is Buster and I’m from Sydney.

I have a long history with Miras. My family had a red L500 growing up, but my dad wrote it off in 2001. So my family bought a Silver L700 to replace it, brand new from the showroom floor.
This ended up being the car i learnt to drive on. But being a 17 year old male, I wanted MORE so bought a 1994 Japspec Nissan Pulsar SSS and started getting interested in cars.
I then traded it for another green L700 (plus cash my way) as my sister was using the silver one by this time to get her licence. That one soon blew up on me, and i went back to the silver one! I always had plans for it but by this time it was thrashed and i gave up.
I sold it in November last year and said bye bye, bought a 2008 VW Transporter and boy was that a POS.

So i went back, i recently purchased a 2004 L251. With plenty of mods already on it.

I started a build thread in the rides section for everyone to check out.

2004 Purple Daihatsu Charade (Mira) L251.

This car has an awesome history. Im sure some of you have seen it before.

Go follow its progress over in the rides section.
I look forward to reinvigorating this beast!



Welcome. Great write up, can’t wait for the pics! Sounds like a fantastic Dai. The L251 is one of my favourites.

Welcome back to the nugget life <3 you never shake the dai bug. Awesome write up.

Looks good and an awesome runabout to work on.

hey mate welcome to the fourm. Great write up :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Buster, good little nugget you have there :smiley: