L251 (Hattie) from the UK

Hello all
I purchased this last year to replace a red chevrolet matiz and I am enjoying it a lot - went on a 660mile round trip with 0 issues. She’s great on fuel, getting about 60 average, and 70 on the motorway. Unfortunately I had to stop driving her a couple of months back as the exhaust snapped but I have ordered a new one. She needs a bit of welding and attention but as I own a little honda grom I can afford not to drive her while I get her shipshape.
She was originally from Aberdeen in Scotland, and then moved down to Brighton - where I bought her, so she’s a bit rusty, and having lived in cities shes full of dents.


the L251’s are a great little car. The matiz you had was that an 800cc f8c engine?
My first 3cyl was a daewoo matiz and was what responsible for my love of 3cyl’s and dias.


The matiz was a 1 litre 4 cyl, however felt woefully slow past 30mph (gearing felt a lot shorter than the charade). Lot of body roll though, so it felt like you were flying, and I do miss the 5 seats (in the same size car as the charade, I dont know how my friends managed!)

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I was always curious of the 4cyl matiz as we only got the 3cyl here.

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Whats your mileage? I have just purchased one very similiar. Its only on 15k miles and pretty mint. I am hearing horror stories about parts, so do let me know how you get on. My exhaust is banging arround alot also.

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Give it a new life, by starting what I did with my abandoned L276.

Change all fluids incl. Brake and gearbox oil

put E5 fuel in it.

Check the brakes and wheels

Check the shock absorbers and springs

Check all joints

Give it an italian tuneup and go.

Love this L251 not many left