L251, new to the forum


I’m Harley, this is my “new” L251 charade/mira

I bought it with heaps of work already done, most notably front coilovers, sirion front brakes, lexus IS200 front seats, rear seats+belts removed and flooring installed, resprayed, semi slick tyres and a cbr600r bike muffler cut into the rear bar.
since owning it, I’ve Installed a catch can and painted the tyre letting white (+6kw)
The thing’s heaps of fun, even if a little slow, and I’ve got a few ideas in mind for it’s future

firstly, a cat converter, the original is hollowed out and I’m not that keen on getting an EPA fine,
reworking the floor is also on the to-do list too.
The seats are a little too wide too so i have to decide now whether i want either the extra comfort or the convenience of adjusting them without opening the door.
Ultimately, a 4cyl conversion would make it an awesome little track weapon/runabout but as far as i know people aren’t playing with these types of swaps yet

that just about sums it up, let me know what you think
I may start a build thread, or one for my other rides, if any major work goes down


Welcome mate,
I did see you on facebook also. Good to see you here and A build thread is a perfect place to keep a record of your progress and also like a log of where your up to without losing all your thoughts and info in 5 mins like what happens on Facebook.
I will be interested to see what is done as I dont know too much about the L251’s at all really.

haha yeah I shied away from the forum for a while because I’ve never joined one before, Ive always been a lurker
I’ll start up a build thread after i snap a few current photos

apparently these are really similar to an L700 mechanically, on a more modern body/interor
they look pretty good too i reckon, or at least this one does

Hi mate welcome.

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G’day and welcome to the forum.

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hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome man always loved this l251 im keen to see many more updates on how it keeps on developing.

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Front suspension is far superior to any other L series. Would be great if you could post some pics of underneath the front, rear and with wheels of so we can see brakes and struts. I’m curious too about the kids series 4cyl fitting


I’ll get some good underside photos up when i get a chance, hopefully later today with any luck


hi folks,

i see OP has said that he has is200 seats in the car.
does anyone know if this is a straight swap for the l251?

i cant say for sure but I highly doubt it would be a straight swap seeing at how different the two c\rs and seats are from each other.