L276 front brake upgrade

Hi, is there a caliper that will fit the 276 cuore from another Daihatsu/Toyota?

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Daihatsu Copen might fit. They fit most other Daihatsus after 2001

Which one is the 254mm disc caliper?

So I found out that the Sirion 2 calipers fit with 14inch wheels

It’s from a materia and the 1.5 sirion.

The 1.3 sirion uses the 247mm(+/-) brakes

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will the 254mm disc fit with 14 inch oem wheels?

Will check for you today.

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Very much doubt it, the smaller copen ones dont fit a lot of 14s as it is

The OEM LW wheels from the 1.5 are also 14 inch and they do fit. They are the same as the 1.3.

But I would suggest that you use the 247mm brakes. In my opinion they are better and the parts are way cheaper and easier to find. You don’t really need the extra 6mm but it’ll cost you way more to get it and to maintain it. I don’t think you are going to track this car so there is no use in getting the biggest brakes possible. It would only add more unsprung weight without stopping you any earlier.

Never had any problems with the 247mm brakes but have had multiple times that the 254mm brakes got stuck etc

254mm fit on my oem sirion 2 1.5 wheels

Discs are easy to find and pads also. Almost same pricing as the 247mm so just go 254mm.

14inch 40ET 5J

There is an annoying thing on the slider pen, I always remove it so it wont bind if this rubber fails: