L2D forum engagement/contribution competition

2019 L2D Competition

At livetodai.com we love to encourage contribution of content to our pages, we as a community have a large amount of detailed information from doing engine conversions to brake upgrades. These detailed efforts do not go unnoticed and when you wrap them up in a story and take us all on your journey it truly is what makes this place the great place it is.

I am currently playing around with a few designs for some t-shirts, these may be a “limited edition” run if sales of these shirts don’t accrue and we are giving two of these away!!!

How can I win?

The competition is going to be split up in the following way.

  1. Current contributing forum members are all in the draw to win a shirt, we know who you are and we thank you for the efforts you have made. We will continue to monitor the contributions being put forward by you all and will choose a winner in due time.

  2. The second shirt will be available only to new users (or very dormant users in our database), this will hopefully encourage some users on the facebook group to migrate here and document there travels in a place that allows other users to easily search and find the content they are after.

When will the competition be decided?

We do not have a due date set, the design for the shirts is not yet final but getting close, we also have not placed a date on this because we do not want to encourage a fake influx of users that are only here for one thing.

Can I still buy a shirt even if I don’t win?

A quality supplier has been sourced and a single shirt will be produced to check the quality and design comes out as desired. Following this a small order of 5-10 shirts will be ordered (this will include the two free shirts). Which will be available for purchase.

Are you making a profit from these shirts?

The admin team of Livetodai.com has no aim to make profits from the sale of these shirts, there will be a small margin that will be pushed back into the forum for hosting the site and backups.

Where is the design?

The design is still in draft state at the moment however once a finalised version has been made it will be shared here in this thread, starting the competition prior to that is part of the mystery, just like when the competition will expire.


Can we submit a design to be included ?

Yes, same question, as i understood it, we submit potential designs and people vote which ones to be printed

My understanding is the design has be created by @FrAsErTaG and the competition is revolving around community contribution/engagement to the forum. One shirt is up for grabs for a current contributor and one for a new member.


I have renamed the topic for clarification. The free shirts are just a limited edition trophy for contribution efforts.

The purpose of the competition is to entice some new users into the forum and get them documenting there journey’s instead of an odd post in the Facebook group that is gone within a day…

I do like the idea of a user contributed design though so in future that might well be the aim of the competition.


Something i threw together this afternoon for the t-shirt comp, i call it the “M-CHASSIS” design.

I could also make “L-CHASSIS” and “G-CHASSIS” ones.

@Admin if you would like to use the design let me know and ill send through the .svg files. :slight_smile:

You are aware it is not a design competition? Not saying the input of a design is not welcome just clarifying that you know the comp isn’t based around the design of the t-shirt