l2XX EF/EL Valve lash procedure?

the motor in my mira is pretty noisy, i’ve had an oil sample tested and doesn’t ’ look’ to be bearings so my next guess is that my valve lash is out of spec and being super clacky. i had the valve cover off the other day checking things out and it looks like its similar to how honda’s do valve lash adjustment. is there a procedure for how it should be done and maybe a technical already listed on the site somewhere? i did a quick search here and some searching on youtube and google and couldn’t come up with anything helpful. i have the specs from under the hood but any guidance would be appreciated on order (if there is any).

there is a few downloadable manuals in the manuals section. I know the one for L500 cover’s ef/el, ed10 and ed20 and I have used it many times over the years for such things.


i didn’t realize the l500 also ran that motor. i should have thought to check if other models also ran it. thanks for the speedy reply!