L500 Autoflip Electric mirror Wiring

Hi folks, We meet once again, So i thought i would throw up all the info i know and my experience with this matter.

So lets start, As you know if you’ve looked for info alot of it isn’t in English or it is very poorly translated or written in regards to L500 electric mirrors with the auto flip feature, Today i’m happy to fill you in on everything that needs to be done regarding wiring and you will be happy to find out it’s super simple. If you have the switch all you need is a POS+ switchable and a Neg- connection and the switch does everything for you. I spent 4 hours fighting the wires and making my own loom I have attached photos below of the end result.

As you can see it looks kind of scary at the start but what you have to remember is there is only 5 wires for each mirror and on the photos of the switch wiring you can see i’m simply just turned one wire into two on three of the connections with a 15A fuse for the ACC power. Below i will put a pin out to help you with this And a video of it working. If you’re looking to fit to L200/kancil please look for my other forum post regarding this or go to my youtube channel. Peace out guys! L5 AUTOFLIP WIRING Autoflip L5


another great write up Thanks @Luke :slight_smile:

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Thank you mr Evilhighway. i wish to share all info to help everyone :wink:

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aw man this is awesome, if you ever get a chance, can i get some fold down fender mirrors :wink:

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excellent it what we are all about. :slight_smile:

A simple video showing the mirrors operating installed on an L200