L500 headers & exhaust

Hey all fellow Daihatsu owners I recently have been on the search for some headers and a exhaust for my l500 it is the Ef engine I just had some questions would it be worth it to do headers and exhaust my exhaust is starting to get pretty rusty and same with my headers I’m guessing it would only add about 1hp hahaha but if it’s not going to strain the ef enfine then I’d be keen if anyone has some headers they want to sell or know if anyone that can make some aswell as a exhaust that would be incredible I’m based in Perth :smile:

Header’s not sure if I would bother with the expense of getting some made. As for exhaust then yes if you get a 1.75 Inch exhaust for your car made up it will do it wonders and you will get more out of it. They also sound nice. If you were going turbo then I would say go 2 inch but 1.75 is great for N/A.

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Legend thanks heaps for your help I really appreciate it I definitely will go for that :slightly_smiling_face: