L500 mira 4x110 brake options

Hey all
Looking to upgrade the front brakes on my L500 Centro with something bigger. Obviously, the Move brakes would be a good upgrade being a bigger rotor and ventilated but I noticed the pads share the same part number between l600 and L500, are the calipers also the same?

Are there any other options out there that do not involve changing hubs/swapping pcd to 4x100?

yes swapping to 4x114.3 :slight_smile: lol, but seriously not that I am aware of.

Part of the brake upgrade to 100pcd typically means a far far superior wheel bearing system. Your 110pcd has the brake rotor attached to a flange that hangs on the axle. The 100pcd from L700 or M100 has the rotor on a flange which goes into the cast hub, then the axle just provides drive to the flange rather than supporting the entire corner weight of the car. The benefit of 100pcd or even going Jimmy’s way with 114mm gives bigger brakes, more precision in car dynamics since it mitigates axle flex and is a safer/more reliable direction. One of the moderators here just had the Move’s axle spline just chew out the flange spline, such is what happens when the axle is called into duty to hold weight and transfer drive.

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i’m sure 4x100 would increase brake options but also limits wheel options down to real average choices. 4x114.3 might be a better option, does it increase track at all?

What daihatsu ran 4x114.3?

4x100 has a much better average than 4x110 and track would really only depend what wheels you use due to offset and what you do to get the 4x114.3. I used mainly suzuki gear.

To put it a little blunt and potentially save some back and forth, I like the style wheels I have, reasonably easy to find in 4x110 and plentiful in 4x114.3, they almost don’t exist in 4x100 and the few options that I like are rather expensive.
I don’t track or race the car simply looking for a better brake so that in the rare occasions I need to really work the brakes, I can have a little more confidence in them.

@evilhighway do you have any more information on this Suzuki brake set up? is there some more information available on the forum I can look for?

thanks for the info so far guys :slight_smile:

Not sure where you are located but here 110s are typically old Mazda stuff and in big offset. If sticking to 110 is going to be at the expense of better braking for you then so be it, or you need to pioneer your own solution.

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I’m also located in Australia, have a pretty good grasp of options and sizing for the different pcd, like i’ve said the available options to suit what i want in 4x100 are hard to find, If i wanted no name junk or really high offset OEM looking wheels then sure 4x100 wouldn’t be an issue.

so I guess Move brakes is option #1 and 4x114.3 a possibility if some one wants to share their knowledge.

Heaps of good qual 4 x 100 pcd. I paid $100 for used 13 x 6 forged. In 14" plenty of stuff from early BMW fit, the local BMW wrecker used to do 3 series bottle cap sytle for $25ea. Currently though using 15 x 7 forged which were $250. You mention there are some 100 pcd options you like that are expensive. The well followed path of Siron brakes may just offset the cost of going a different direction. Or the ultimate bolt on is Copen front rotor and caliper and Applause rear discs (slight mods). For 4 x 114, you’ll need to look at Suzuki bits. I only know of one person that has gone that route. Info is scant, you will perhaps need to pioneer this. I suspect much more stuffing around. For example, the M100 rear drums take 15min to swap over from the std 110 to their 100, or about an hour and a half if you put the bigger rear wheel cylinders in (which is worth it in my opinion).

I’ll leave you to it. All the best with which ever way you decide to go.