L500 owner

My names Elliot, picked up a centro on gumtree almost 2 years ago, enjoyed it’s simple function in stock form for about 6 months before i started modifying it, currently has a set of junk Malaysian coil overs, stainless exhaust, 13" bridgestone wheels, wing, front lip, steering wheel, oem drink holder/burger box and a few little bits and pieces.

Currently harvesting a EJ-DE to replace the EF-EL and also have a bride to replace the flogged out drivers seat.


Awesome :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum. be sure to post up some photos. also if your ef/el wont be a spare offer it up forsale someone may want it

Welcome Elliot. Street car? Or will you be doing some comp in it?

Hey, thanks for the reply.
At this stage I’ll be keeping the motor for the moment, never know what I’ll want to do with it.
Atm it’s a street car, once I eventually get rid off these horrible coil overs and adapt something with a bit of quality in place I’ll consider doing a bit of spirited driving.



Welcome to the forum Elliot :slight_smile: