L512 Big Al from Rochester NY

Hey everyone, I imported my 1997 Mira TR-XX Avanzato R4 from Japan in June '23 and have been getting her fixed up right since. Installed coilovers, camber tophats, blitz intake, new tie rods inner and outers, 185/60/13s, fresh alignment, quick release steering wheel, and some other odds and ends. The plan with the car is to install the turbo kit from Compact motorsports, install a standalone ECU, and aim for about 120whp on e85. Any advice you have I would love to hear.

Current projects are poly engine and trans mounts, front and rear brake rebuild kits, FMIC, boost gauge. I’m also working on a custom turn signal/fog light setup. We’ll see how that turns out!

Been having an absolute blast so far, love switching between fwd and awd. As it gets colder here, the jbjl absolutely loves the cold air!!

Here are some pictures as well. Won “Best Japanese” at a show at Rochester Institute of Technology!!

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Welacome mate! Thanks for posting in here as Mr G suggested. That is one sexy looking Mira.


Looks awesome :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it! I’m sure I’ll be back for more info - the groups on Facebook help but this is where the real answers are :sunglasses:


Thank you!

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Looks fantastic. I am curious as to what jackshaft diff it has? Does it have viscous, plated or open?

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That’s a great question friend, how do I tell? When in FWD the inside tire spins and squeals a lot on turns, so I assume that it’s an open front diff. When in AWD I never lose traction, just a tiny bit slower with the extra parasitic loss. I’ll be curious if some sort of LSD would be swappable into the front diff, just not really a priority right now with the option of AWD :grin:


OKay. The 2wd TRXX is normally either (from my ltd exp) viscous (you get some spin and the the inside wheel starts to lock) or clutch type (had one but never actually used it - but should work immediately to some extent). Then there are some that just have a jackshaft with no unit. The 2wd units have the lsd in the jackshaft. The diff carrier has dog gears and sends drive into the jackshaft and that is linked to a spur gear limiting slip. Now the couple of AWD I’ve seen have the AWD transfer to the rear happen in (surprise surprise) the jackshaft. So it’t like having a 2wd gearbox but the awd part in a jackshaft-transfer case. I’ve not ever driven a Dai version but I have driven a Suzuki version like this with AWD. The biggest problem with the 2wd lsd is the limited oil capacity and in a race/rally environment may overheat.

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Ah I see! I appreciate the thorough answer my friend. Recently I’ve been installing an intake manifold, fuel rail, FMIC, and a Tial BOV. It’s rather snowy up here in Rochester, NY so not too much progress unfortunately.


Where did you source all the aftermarket parts from? Nice build

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NMF Garage in Malaysia is your man. A lot of custom stuff to fit it all since the kit isn’t comprehensive but still some awesome stuff available.

Do you have an insta? I have some questions for you

Yessir mira.jbjl