L512s engine swap

My newly acquired mira threw a rod and I was wondering if a jb-det would bolt right up. Any other suggestions for a direct swap, or should I just throw another jb-jl into it?

A direct swap is to replace the engine with the same thing. JB-JL isnt that bad really, its still fuel injected turbo 4 cyl

JB-JL is an easier swap then a jb-det.

That said I did do the jb-det into a L200 about ten years ago, the car survived my thrashing and then has moved onto two new owners and is still running I believe.

It’s not a simple swap, it’s technically not that hard besides the ecu but you do need some parts from multiple daihstsus and finding them all takes time and money.

If you are serious about fitting the jb-det I can provide advice but if you can find a JB-JL to import your life will be easier.

If don’t mind sharing, what parts are needed for the det swap? Seems like there are more jb dets and are a little cheaper.

you will find that the jb-jl will rev higher than the jb-det too the jb-jl has a redline of 9k and jb-det is 8k.
That said I have seen more broken jb-jl’s over the years than I have jb-det’s.