L55/60 suspension parts,

Proud new owner of a 1983 handivan. Currently chasing suspension advice. Need to know if any later models (L70-L80 or even L200) are possibly to retrofit? Thanks :pray::pray:


Welcome. What a gem.

Welcome. You got any pictures?

G’day mate, I assume if it is a 1983 the you have a L55 model. The L55 and L60 unfortunately we’re on the hand me downs from the L38 and L40 Mira/Fellow/Cuore/Domino.
The downside is our models are compatible with the L70 or later.

Finding good secondhand lower control arms is hard. I acquired a set recently but they are hard to move. It has been a long term goal of mine to make them with interchangeable rose joint and a new tapered pin and to make them as per standard and longer for more camber.
Unfortunately my projects have taken more of a back burner this year due to work commitments, financials and time. I’m trying to finish off on a major project at the moment and want to get onto these next.

Where are you based ?

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last set of controls arms I did something with, I fitted Gemini push in upper ball joints from memory to get the correct size and taper. Big job, but worth in IMHO,.

Were they top or bottom? Google tells me the ball joints with bolt holes is the top and the push in is the bottom ones.

Top ones but I did machine them . Only ones I could find with the right spindle size

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