L610S Move Not Starting after clutch change

Hello all, I hope you are doing well

I have a 1997 Daihatsu Move SRXX 4WD with the EF-RL engine in the USA, and I’ve been having a massive issue getting it to start after re installing the engine and gearbox after changing the clutch. I’ve confirmed all wiring is reconnected, but no fuel pump, no spark. I can force the fuel pump to run by bypassing the relay but obviously this isn’t a solution. I’ve had a lot of issue finding any information until stumbling upon this forum. Engine is grounded, it only had 2 ground points, one that goes to the intake and one that goes to the gearbox. I can confirm with my multmeter that the engine is grounded just fine. Having both fuel and spark not working would make me think that it would have to be some sort of ECU issue but I can’t be too sure. If anyone has any insight or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. The engine started and ran just fine prior to changing clutch, which is why i’m stumped.

Many many thanks and Greetings to you all from the USA.