L650 manual TO automatic

Hello! My father and I got a Trevis for my mother for their anniversary. My Mom is in love with the car but she has a big problem. Her back muscles are weak and pressing the clutch pedal is a difficulty task for her (She can drive the car without almost any problem, but in the end of the day her back and left leg hurts). To be honest I find it harder than any other car I have driven. My Dad changed the whole clutch but it feels the same. We don’t want to sell it to buy an automatic because my father already did a panoramic sunroof to it and the trim level is rare.

So my father was looking at a 2003 Daihatsu Cuore which has a automatic transmission. The whole car costs about $500. I showed him 03 Cuore and 07 Trevis automatic transmissions from various sites and he thinks it’s literally the same. BUT: I think the Trevis ECU is not capable of handling the automatic transmission BUT my father thinks this 4 speed automatic transmission is “dumb” so it dosen’t require any data from the ECU. (We know that the dash won’t show in which gear we are.) If you have any idea, advice, experience PLEASE let us know.


I hope your mother gets better.

Now, I don’t know that much about ECU etc. But, if you buy the whole Cuore and if they have the shame engine as your Trevis, that means you can use the ECU and harnesses of the Cuore. Also, if the speedometer is the same shape, you can use that too. As I said, I don’t know much, I say what I think is posible to be done. I hope @Mr_Gormsby see this topic. That guy, I’m covinced that he is the guru of Daihatsu or something!

Far from a guru, just sharing experiences.

Manual to auto is bigger pain than going auto to manual. I’ve not had much to do with Daihatsu autos. As adprime said, “ecu and harness of the Curoe” will simplify things.

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