L650 Trevis suspension

Hi, I want to lower my Daihatsu Trevis L650 but I can’t find (Europe-CzechRepublic) any coilovers or lowering springs for L650. Can I use coilovers or lowering springs from other platforms like L700?

Thank you for your help


Hello and welcome. Perhaps go to the intro page first and post something there. We area shy lot and while it is nice that you’ve dropped by we haven’t got to know you at all. Once you’ve told us a bit more (the police thing makes me curious) about your Dai and what you use it for I am sure many will be keen to help out.


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Welcome! That must be one of the more exotic Treviso that I’ve ever seen. Looks good though

Police Travis, cool! Anyway, welcome to our forum :slight_smile: