L700 A/T to M/T Sports Cluster Conversion **NEED HELP**

Hi, just tried fitting a Daihatsu sports gauge cluster in my EJ-DE Automatic. Changed out the lower light bar/bulbs for the auto box. Problem is, the car wont start, even If I am in Neutral/Park.

Fitting the standart cluster back in the car starts like a charm.

I even changed the cluster while the car was running, so the new tach works fine, all the lights except the P and N work. So the only problem is the immobilizer.

How do i get the Car to start even if i have no signal from the Park/Neutral gear. or rather how can i get it to start normally with the new cluster

are there any words on the back of clusters saying what wire is for what? i found this when i swapped my G200 cluster for a Detomaso cluster, had to change the wiring in the plugs to suit, now the car doesn’t start with original cluster plugged back in.

i believe both have a ground that needs contact on the steering col loom - which is typically from the shifter to tell it’s in park.
i believe you have to find it and put it to ground - if you haven’t planned to switch the whole connection from the manual version
i had made notes of this because it’s the same with all auto’s - will see if i can find it
reply if you need me to find and post it as i know my words can be confusing :stuck_out_tongue: so it comes back in my feed

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