L700 from the Netherlands

Hi guys,

I’ve got a blue 700 that ive bought back in march for basically nothing. With the fact that the clutch needed to be replaced. So I bought it and tried to drive it home. That didn’t work so we put it behind my e46 and towed it home (20 mins).

Being in an appartement renovation and all I did not have time to replace the clutch any earlier than last week.
I have some issues with getitng it running so that is the main reason why I am here.

My plan is to daily it with the rediculous gas prices over here, and the fact that I only drive small distances (15 km max).

I have a bunch of project cars, and little time but this one is a very solid base. Also for some reason I have always wanted an L700 anyway.

I will take some pics when it is of the car lift. Cheers guys.

BR, Wesley


Welcome Mate. I can relate to fuel prices and I think most of the world can at the moment they are ridiculous!
Dai’s are an excellent choice for a lower fuel bill. Hopefully, you can get the L7 sorted without too much hassle.

Welcome to the forum Wesley :slight_smile: