L700 handy for sale

Thinking of selling my toy
Just replaced rings, water pump, seals and belt.
Wideband sensor and gauges with custom pod.
Custom made extractors, pod filter
Just fitted Bosch 044, fuel pressure reg etc.
1.5" mandrel straight through exhaust
Projector headlights
Roof racks, new stereo with Bluetooth and morel speakers
Yamaha tinted indicators
Custom seat covers, curtains

Body is a little rough in the light

Looking for $2.2kOno and I’ll throw in the under tray custom sub and amp.

Also have amr500 with semi complete mounts, bov & intercooler for a few extra $350

150k kms,

rego till March![IMG20180901212628|

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Some more detailed pictures would help get some interest :+1:

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Sold to a another lovely l2d member :blush: