L700 Harness n L200

Hey guys,

So this is less of a specific question and more overall, I’m in the midst of putting an EJ into my L200 and I’ve noticed a few parts of the stock L200 harness are a bit fucked, my question is since I scored the entire L700 Harness with the engine can I just replace the whole harness with the new one?

Like, if the light plugs or whatever er are different I have no qualms changing those, but it seems easier in my head to just replace the whole thing so the coilpack plugs and ecu and whatnot is already there?

Thanks guys, let me know… If it helps I also have the L700 cluster here so I’m racking my brain trying to work out why the entire harness change won’t work…

Peace boys…

Most adapt the l200 dash harness to the l700 ecu dash loom plug.

I’ve not done a complete harness swap. I did have major help (I did not do much but was present) installing the ej engine harness and ecu and merging that into the L200 harness. A complete swap? Yes, I would prob do that deleting a few things not needed for a track car.

Easier if you have the early pre immobilizer ecu.

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Pffft how do I tell if that’s the case? Hahaha

Yeps thats my main reasoning. Have it out on the bench and I can ditch things I don’t need. Adapt things I do need and then stick it in…

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Easiest way would be the ignition key the immobilizer key is larger to accommodate the chip/battery, otherwise you can check the loom to see if it has the immobilizer ecu plugged in.

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