L700 incorrect manual

Hi guys, I’ve been scouring across the internet but every manual I find for the L7 has information in regards to the sirion’s EJ, and not the L7, there’s a few wires that are different, and they happen to be amongst the ones I’m trying to work on.
Does anyone either A: have the L7’s engine mechanical workshop, or B: have any sources regarding the L7’s full ignition wiring diagram?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Have you tried out manual section? I belive there is a manual in there for the L700.

If it’s the one uploaded from Niko then yep, same manual that I’ve already come across, incorrect diagrams

Unable to open file :frowning:

What is it your trying to do? That may help with getting the help you need. I downloaded @nvergaraa’s file that he posted here and it works fine if you open it with a zip program. (on pc) If you are on a phone then no idea. I think it is the same ones in the manual section.

@nvergaraa I am deleting your post with the file link in it as we try to keep manuals to the manual section. (just letting you know)

No problem… deleted :wink:

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Ohh okay, also I’m just trying to find the ignition loom under the dash, I was told a while ago the wire color that I’m trying to find, but when I looked, there was multiple looms with the same color (forgot which one it is, it’s in a text message somewhere) but yeah I just need to find that whole loom basically

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