L700 k3-vet swap project by inexperienced 19y/o

Hi there, Ever since I’ve had my drivers license I have driven in l700 cuores, It was my first car that I bought from a good friend of mine. It had been through some shit so when I saw an ad for the same colour l700 I decided to buy it. This time with a body kit already installed

While my car looked badass, the inside was a little less impressive. So I decided it was time for a K3-VET swap.
I basically have all the parts needed except for a flywheel and clutch kit (I think)
I’m using the subframe off of a 1.0 sirion (I ended up thinking it’s the exact same subframe as the l700 uses but not a 100% sure)
I’m using the transmission off a 1.3 sirion
and the k3vet off a Yrv 1.3
My knowledge of cars is minimal so this is a real challenge for me and I basically have to do everything by google.
So if you guys have any tips I’d really appreciate it.

I also ordered and soldered the DIY-EFI CORE4 ECU MODULE – SPEEDUINO COMPATIBLE to replace the computer of the car. I however have 0 experience in this and only bought it because my older brother told me i needed it. I’m hoping to find more information about this on this forum. If you know anything about it and want to help me out. please let me know

That’s all for now , ask my anything if you want to.



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You will need a clutch and flywheel, one from a Sirion or copen will work (k3 ofcourse)
Im not sure about the k frame, you might need the 1.3 Sirion one.
I would not trouble yourself with the ECU right away if you are a beginner, get the car running on the standard YRV ecu and sort out all the small issues first, then swap to the speeduino once everything is running smoothly (just my opinion).
You won’t have closed loop VVT with an Arduino, not a big deal but something to consider.
It should be a fairly straight forward swap if you’re a bit mechanically minded. It’s been done many times by many different members here.
There is a certain combination of control arms/drive shafts you will need, someone here will be able to tell you which ones.
Best bet is to just jump right into it, if you get stuck we are here to help.


Hey man, ik ben hetzelfde van plan! Heb jij alle onderdelen los gekocht of heb je een donorauto?
Om maar met de deur in huis te vallen: het subframe van een 1.0 Sirion is in feite een Cuore subframe. Je hebt echt een K-frame (dus van een K3VE2) nodig om de swap te doen. Wat de bak betreft heb ik zelf een K3 bak gekocht, en een Larkspeed koppelingsset (stage 2). Voor toekomstige tjoening zeg maar :p. Als je nog specifiek vragen hebt kan je me ook ff opzoeken op insta (@the_official_blyatsu), misschien dat ik je kan helpen.


Hey man, I’m planning on doing the same thing! Did you buy everything separately or did you buy a donor car?
To get straight to the point: the subframe from a 1.0 Sirion is basically the same as the one from a Cuore. You’re really going to need a K-frame (so from a K3VE2) to do the swap. I bought a K3 gearbox and a Larkspeed (stage 2) clutch. Let’s say it’s for future tuning plans :p.

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