L700 manual conversion

Hey all,

Hope you’re amidst a weekend in the workshop! :wink:
I’ve been a mix with some fencing having to be completed [i live on a rural block out of the city]

I’m pretty sure already, but just wondering if anyone knows for sure, if you can convert all pedal box and shifter from sirion to L700 chassis that was previously automatic?
I’ve done manual to manual, but never an auto to manual conversion, as never looked inside the auto variants

Any guidance appreciated

I know its not an L700 but I did an auto to manual on my move (l601) not long ago and with that I just needed to make the hole bigger for the gear selector, and make a hole for the clutch cable to go though the firewall. The manual pedal box just bolted up in place of the auto one. It was much easier than I anticipated. I imagine that the L700’s wouldn’t be that different.

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Ah OK that wouldn’t be too bad then. Cheers

Did you end up doing the conversion because i really want to get rid of the three speed auto in mine :slight_smile:

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Josen R

Nah had other things. But looks like itl all work