L700 rear independant suspension

just saw this posted on facebook, peoples thoughts?

IRS is definately better for fwd especially for track stuff espcially it helps more to keep wheels on the ground a touch more. It looks fine but you have an L200 and already have trialing arms nd IRS.

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yep, was more for L700 owners :slight_smile:

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and copen and L251 etc etc :slight_smile:

Not really all that critical to be independent on a fwd. Set the rear stiff and let the car pitch on a soft front end to keep both front wheels planted. Shorter travel rear and let the inner wheel come off the ground.


Jordan Cox would be the top fwd amateur racer in Aus. Watch him closely and note the rear inner wheel.


I always thought it was strange that l200s had IRS and l700s didn’t. But then I used an l700 rear beam for a trailer I was building and that thing is soooo flexible I don’t think adding a pivot in the middle would allow much more movement than it already has it mustn’t be far from IRS already.

To make either handle the rear has to be really stiff in the spring rate and travel greatly reduced. In the end a quick version of either model will pick up a rear wheel. My though is that the trailing arms in the L200 were done due to limited space. The beam would not fit amid the other elements.