L700 side moldings

How are those black side moldings attached? Glue? Clips? Both? I wanna get rid of them I think…

Bumper strips? I’ve seen 2 ways on the L7. Either dual sided sticky gunky tape (I think this is factory) or straight up caulked (probably dealership). You can peel them off gently (heat guns are your friend, but watch out for the paint) and remove any residue with a caramel wheel on a drill. I also used Eulex from Koch Chemie to remove the residue, but probably most sticker removers will do. It’s not a fun job and the result is not always what you hope :smiley: .


Thanks, that’s exactly the kind of info I was hoping for! Good thing I had a caramel wheel pre-ordered, I’ll see what I can do this afternoon :muscle: My car’s got dents and chips all around anyways so I’m not too worried about making it look “fabrieks nieuw” :sweat_smile:

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Well this kinda sucked, but I like the end result if you squint hard enough. Here’s the deal; L700 side moldings are attached with both double-sided foam/gum tape, which splits in half when you pull the molding, leaving half of it attached to the car. Heating didn’t help, it only weakens the foam core of the tape causing it to split/tear easier.
Luckily a subber eraser wheel on a low speed, low pressure makes quick work of whatever is left behind.

Then there’s also a couple of dots of very tough silicon caulk. The same eraser wheel works in removing this as well, it just takes longer and you’ll have to take breaks as to not overheat the paint. Even then it’s very easy to damage the paint, mine didn’t come off well at all.

So. They’re off, I like the look of the car without them, but as stated before it’s a hit or miss job :slight_smile: