L700 starter won't work after replacing the clutch

Hi Guys,

Bought a Cuore (Mira) l700 back in march. Clutch had to be replaced (I knew about this), tried to drive it home, did not come further than about a kilometer, before almost burning it down :joy:.

Didn’t have to until last week. Put it on the car lift, pulled out the subframe and the engine and replaced the clutch.
After that I wanted to test it, but the battery was very much dead. Got a new one and tried it again.

I just can’t get the starter motor going. When I turn the ignition key I hear the fuel pump. Switched the fuel pump relay and the starter motor relay with each other and they both work.

Ground points seem fresh as well. Does anybody have any tips/ cue’s?



Usually with these types of symptoms you just have to give a whack on the starter motor with a hammer. Also: check the ground on the gearbox (big bolt), they are the culprit quite often as well. Last but not least: check the wire that connects the starter to the rest of the harness (t h i c c black wire).

Good luck!


Please head over to the “all new people” section and do a small intro thread in there. Doesn’t have to be long . It will help the forum unlock more things (available manuals etc) for you by doing this and will also give us a little bit about you and your car. We find people are more willing to help if we know a little bit too. Also if you can a pic of your L7 or other dais you have. We all love pics.
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Like blyatsu said. Fix it how Clarkson would fix it.

Would love to see some pics :slight_smile:

Yeah I pulled it off the motor, tested it with starter cables and it was working, put it back and now the starter does it’s thing.

Somehow now the motor starts but I have no fuel (fuel pump works) but it doesn’t get into the cylinders. And also I don’t have a spark. So now I am trying to figure that out.

Do you know if our dutch cars have some kind of ‘startonderbreker’?



I believe it does have one. Your key has a chip which communicates with it. I don’t know for sure how it works.

They do, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The starter is a very simple and separate circuit, which should always give you the possibility to crank the engine, regardless if the immobilizer recognizes the key or not.

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